The Isle of Lewis and The Isle of Harris have moorland, mountains and lochs. Whether you want to hike, canoe or fish there is a place just waiting for you. There are miles of unspoiled moorland to traverse with many rare flowers and nesting birds. It is perhaps the last true moorland wildrness to be find in Britain where you could walk for days and not see another living soul.

The moor is mostly made up of peat, a residue of what was once here before man came along. In peat banks there have been found evidence of hazelnut groves and silver birch. Although it is slowly dieing out, there are still the hardy few that cut the peats for their winter fuel.

The Gaelic name for Lewis is Leodhas which means marsh. (Gaelic is spoken alongside English). Another name for Lewis is The Heather Isles as the moorland is a bright patch work of purple in high summer.

Eagles, buzzards, red-throated divers and many other birds can be found among the moorlands and lochs, along with rare orchids and a wide variety of flora.

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