Coastline and Beaches

Along the rugged coastline beautiful golden sandy beaches stretch, with hidden coves and bays, high cliff tops giving views across the ocean and eye to eye with nesting kittiwakes and fulamars.   Wherever you drive or walk you are never far from a beach and on most you could walk  or sunbathe without another person in sight...

Along the coast the oldest rock in Britain sends a multitude of colour and patterns across its surface, from black volcanic rock filled with shimmering crystal to browns and reds veined with white.

Threre is also the chance you might see a colony of seals basking on the rocks or a Minke whale swimming by on the far horizon.

Wherever you are on the Isle of Lewis you will be filled with the beauty and spectacular space of sea, sand, sky and moorland, and an overall peace in which to enjoy it.

The photo at the top of this page is of Seiliebost in Harris, the photo below is Breanish in Uig, (Isle of Lewis).



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